TNCS Inc. consulting service portfolio offerings are listed below. Services can be packaged and bundled to meet customers’ demands and requirements

Network Performance Optimization

The Network Performance Optimization includes access, core and service level networks. An optimized network improves service reliability, limits outages and ensures the right capacity is available for today’s enriched, personalized services. Improved quality leads to greater usage, subscriber loyalty, brand reputation, and in turn to more revenue today and tomorrow. Optimization also contributes to greater energy efficiency. We provide a detailed evaluation and analysis of your network performance as the basis for sound recommendations on where improvements can be made.

The emphasis is on subscriber-perceived quality and efficient use of resources to ensure the best return on investment, this is done by:

  • Optimizing network performance;
  • meeting service-level agreements and key performance indicators
  • satisfying market and service demands.

Our broad technology, business experience and expertise provide an end-to-end approach, giving you the option to choose one or more of the available offerings. We can guide you through each stage of the network optimization process, with close attention to aligning improvement options with business plans.

Initial Network Design

Our service covers planning and design of access networks, core networks, service networks and transport networks. Key considerations in the development of an effective design include traffic modeling, node dimensioning, routing and addressing, quality of service and network performance. In addition, all network layers are included such as the service layer, call control, IP, ATM and transmission. The Network Design service is tailored to provide a focused and effective solution. You can benefit from a network design and quality that is aligned with your business objectives and which shortens the time to market for your offerings. The result is efficient deployment and ongoing business growth.

The Network Design service is tailored to provide a focused and effective solution. Design activities include:

  • Reviewing initial assumptions and figures
  • RF network design and dimensioning
  • Core and service network design and dimensioning
  • Transport network design and dimensioning
  • Growth plans and capacity management
  • Cell and frequency planning
  • Documentation

Performance Benchmarking

Performance Benchmarking regularly monitors network performance and compares strengths and weaknesses with world best practices, providing the basis for proactive improvement action and strategic planning.

The detailed local information gathered, and the global perspective provided by the system, also enable operators to play a key role in decision forums and industry stakeholder groups, and to influence regulators and high-level decision makers.

Network Integration

Our Network Integration service ensures seamless connectivity for all the nodes in your network, regardless of technology and in line with your plans.

With our integration service, you can be assured of the best results for any network configuration regardless of supplier. Our expertise in network integration ensures optimum and proper operation throughout the entire network.

Network Audit

The Network audit service will help operators to maintain a best in class service and help keep the network tuned based on best in class recommendations. Activities include:

  • Gathering & evaluation of core and radio network parameter settings
  • Comparing network parameters against industry recommendations
  • A report detailing problem areas

Network Deployment and Rollout Management

Our Network deployment service provides the management expertise required to meet your telecom infrastructure and equipment requirements. This Includes:

  • Technical program management for rollout and deployments
  • Budget reviews and adherence
  • Timely delivery of projects

Contract negotiation

Our Contract negotiation service supports operators in getting the maximum benefit from their vendors based on the specification of the technology chosen, it provides requirements on vendors and inclusion in the contract, setting service level agreements and targets, in addition to following up and providing feedback.

In Service Performance & Vendor Management

The service provides the operators with a well defined program to gauge downtimes and outages in the entire network, measure and manage subscriber impacts due to network disturbances based on the TL 9000 standards. It also includes benchmarking of all data against contract requirements and service level agreements. It also provides a road map to address any discrepancy between current performance and required targets

Knowledge Transfer Program

TNCS Inc. provides a structured knowledge transfer program tailored to the specific needs of the client. Training can be conducted on the customer premises, and can be structured to be either in a seminar form or on the job training without disrupting working hours for valuable resources.
An evaluation of the skill level is conducted prior to the seminar to determine the needed areas of focus, followed by a tailored program and ending with a final evaluation of the skills to determine the gains from the program.